Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Первая страничка

Это совершенно спонтанный пост, что неудивительно ) Я не покажу ничего нового, а наоборот предамся воспоминаниям. Блог Scrap Friends предлагает вспомнить свою первую страничку. Моя детка была сразу 30х30, вот тут я рассказала о ней подробно.

This is my first layout made back in December 2010, when I was only beginning to scrapbook. I scrapped our Halloween pictures, attempting at steampunk styling. This LO still brings me a lot of joy and reminds me of the time when it took me ages to just decide where to start, to say nothing of where to go next )) A strange thought: I wish I had more layouts like this one. With an idea and journalling and all...


  1. I would be really proud of this if it was my first LO too - I really like it! It's pretty 'complicated' for a 1st LO, too....obviously more thought than just a picture & some words:)) Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!